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It is the process whereby a COPY of the damaged photo is retouched to its original condition.

Nowadays the copy is mostly better than the original due the DIGITAL retouching process.

With over 30 years experience Paul has embraced the digital way of restoring photos since 1992.

Prior to digital processing, restoration was a lot more time consuming, using airbrush, brush and pencils. After the first copy of a photo and retouching, it was necessary to reproduce it again

in order to integrate the fragile artwork of the surface back into a finished photo.

These two copy procedures always diminished the overall quality compared to the original.

Today the photos are scanned or digitally photographed so the Photoshop software is able to manipulate the pixels accordingly to the operator's intent.

Fantastic results are possible now to resurrect faded, discoloured, ripped or photos that have been effected by silverfish, acid spots from strip glue photo albums, mice or stuck to the glass.

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